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Taggie blankets

Hello hello?  Is this community still alive?  If so, I thought I'd share instructions for one of my favorite fun EASY and cute baby blanket sewing projects.  It's similar to the "Taggies" you can buy covered with silky ribbons for kids who love the feel of those silky tags on blankets and toys.  I know "Taggie" is a trademark, but hopefully I won't get in trouble for this since I'm not foisting off my own blankets as the real thing, and I'm not selling them either.  I just give them as baby shower gifts or donate them to Project Linus.

EASY blankie tutorial!  With pictures!  Ooooh...!

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Very neat!
Thanks! And easy!
Thank you so much for sharing this.

I was searching for an easy pattern (this is the first time I'm breaking out my sewing machine in AGES) so this will be perfect.